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Black Bandits: A Legacy.

Since the date of Club Penguin shut down, 99% of armies have shut down. Excluding the Rebel Penguin Federation. 99% of army websites are inactive now. A few more years from now, Club Penguin armies will just be a childhood memory you hold in your head.

The Black Bandits was where it all started for me. I was involved in many other armies, mainly SWAT and the RPF. Briefly in other armies but not like those three armies. It was my childhood. I’ve been gone from armies since 2012, with a brief stint in 2013. It was one of my fondest memories of my childhood, meeting some amazing people from this community, some whom I still speak to from time to time.

The Black Bandits was an amazing army to be in. This army helped me grow into different spots of this community, helped introduce me to new people. It was the best. Klimster is now the only administrator on the original bbrulers website, all the history is on that website and this website. Instead of speaking of it, years from now when you decide to come back online to read about armies, all the history will be here to read about as long as wordpress is still around.

Myself, I am 19 now. I have an amazing job living on my own with my girlfriend. I graduated high school almost 2 years ago and learned a trade.

This was an amazing community, that will be remembered for a long time by the people who participated in, even if its in the back of your mind. I occasionally will check this website, unsure if anyone would ever do it themselves. As long as other websites. I wish everyone I was friends with on here the best in life.

For the last time,

– Beast, Former RPF/SWAT Leader, and Black Bandits Legend.


One Final Time.

In 2013, I decided to lay this army to rest. The Black Bandits have been in the dark for the past 3 years, it’s about time we have woke up. This post will be short and sweet, but more will be coming very soon.

This is now the 6th generation of the Black Bandits, which will be the last generation as well.

I decided to return to the Club Penguin Army community for only one reason, which is to atleast somewhat relive part of my childhood before I become an adult. I hope to have as much fun as I used to in this army. The Black Bandits have been my home army ever since I came here.

The Black Bandits will be the only army I will be in. I will not be joining any other armies either, or  even after my run Black Bandits. This will be my final run in the CPA community.

Everything will be set on the website within a day or two, and then we will be officially going.

The Black Bandits are going to have 5 leaders this generation, Step Up 646, Chuck, Fallen, Zero, and myself (Beast.)

I have a good feeling about the leadership and that this generation will strive.

Visit our new xat chatbox at xat.com/BlackBandits

I’m looking forward to see all the new faces in this legendary army!

-Beast, Black Bandits Leader


Black Bandits 2013

The old, original site, bbrulers.wordpresss.com has been deleted. As of right now, I have no clue how the site got deleted. This site, bbarmyrulers.wordpress.com will more then likely be used this summer, for the Black Bandits, if we still decide to return.

– Beast

To Lentalsoup


I need to speak with you, really soon. Where can I meet you on xat?


– Beast


Yeah, that would be good and all, but wait! Were not on google as this site yet! So for now, we will need to recruit on chats. NOT OTHER ARMY CHATS. Chats like Jmannn93, Riffy8888 and other’s. Also try to bring back old soldiers if you see them on xat. I also need owner ranks + leaders email. Comment them for me and I’ll add you.


– Beast

That’s right

YEAHHHHHH! BB is back. Get ready for recruiting. Comment on this post with this info to re-join.

1. Name

2. Old Rank

3. How active were you? 1-10

More info coming soon…

– Beast

I Wont Leave Until I Have Made My Mark.

Mrtchy here and i aint leaving until i HAVE made a mark in the Black Bandits history. I am accepting any owner rank from beast. I had thought of it over and over, “should i retire?” running through my mind. Today i have decided not to completely retire from BB. BB have been the funnest thing that has happened to my Army carreer. When i leave it will most likely be forever but no one ever will know. No matter what rank i get i would rejoin and stay loyal to BB. Make you rise. And i would like to be admin on the site for a while longer